Guard Captain Henders and ex-Clover Ranch Employee Foultner

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s been a few years since we’ve had a new card. Not only have people been requesting a Foultner+Henders card, they’ve also wondered why those two never got chibi heart stickers. Oops! Well, thanks to Kittrel, we’ve remedied both of those problems this year.

You can download high definition versions of this card and the seven from past years over on the goodies page. And yes, there’s even a Tresh and Rorin card for you fanfiction writers! If there’s a GryphIns couple you’d like to see show up on the 2024 card, use the contact form or social media and let me know.

On the writing front, the Opinicus (#7) audiobook is in its final checks (patrons got their copy already) before going out to stores. Pridelord is still going through edits. I’ve been moving a little slow because we’re going to need to change health insurance, and navigating that with the current treatments is a little tricky. (January was light on edits, but I had my co-pay reduced by $12,500 a month, so I feel pretty productive.)

On the up side, every time I read Pridelord, I love it. On the down side, I just started going through edits again two days ago. Hopefully, it’ll reach you all soon. I’ll keep everyone posted.

Oh! I had a few requests for a convention appearance page. I need to sit down and work with Glenn (my husband, dragon author) on that. Generally, with treatments taking up every Saturday and Sunday this year, it’s tough for me to do conventions unless they’re local. He usually goes and attends them for me, selling copies of GryphIns I sign before he leaves, his own dragon books, Dire/Tales of Feathers and Flames by John Bailey, shirts/stickers/maps/art prints, fountain pens, and ink. If you’re going to attend a convention he’ll be at, I can sign and personalize a book for you ahead of time and send it with him. And hopefully, by 2024, I’ll be feeling well enough to travel again.