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Gryphons, murder, war, and tasty fish!

Zeph is the craftiest gryphon in his pride. Living in the untamed wilds, he hunts in the shadow of the massive sky-cities of the opinici, evolved gryphon cousins. His taste for parrots leads him to a murder scene and a blood-stained notebook—a notebook the opinici will do anything to get back before he unravels the mystery at the heart of the eyrie.

Kia is a serious opinicus scholar with no time for gryphons, but when her best friend goes missing and only a strange notebook holds a clue of his whereabouts, she’ll even team up with an uncivilized parrot hunter to get him back.

When the peace that has held for so long is shattered, they’ll find themselves mixed up with curious songbird scholars, legendary cranes, murderous owl gryphons, mad scientists, and the cunning peafowl who rules them all.

Will Zeph make the sacrifices necessary to protect the life he’s always known, or will both their worlds crumble to ash?

Reviews / Blurbs

“Vale’s writing is dark, but never bleak; bright, but never glib; barbed, but never harsh. You will find just how blurry the line is between humans and animals. You will see yourself in these stories. There is madness here, and beauty, and terror. But there is, above all else, humanity, and a deep, abiding sense of compassion.” – Trevor Dawson

“A great find for fans of avians, griffins or xenofiction, Eyrie combines excellent worldbuilding and the author’s love of natural history into an exciting saga that will keep you reading right until the end. Perfect for fans of Song of the Summer King and (dare I say it?) Griffin Ranger,  Eyrie provides all the griffin action a reader could wish for!” – Roz Gibson, author of the Griffin Ranger series