If you’re coming to Tails and Tornadoes this weekend, here’s how to find the STET Publishing booth! Glenn will be there again and has his dragon books, my gryphon books, and John Bailey’s Dire… plus some early copies of Tales of Feathers & Flames, a gryphon and wyvern anthology! (I’ll talk a little more about it when it releases later this month. But it has a lot of your favorite gryphon authors: Alexander Bizzell, JFR Coates, Glenn Birmingham, myself, Saylor Ferguson, and M. H. Wolfe. Also includes a Dire Rada interior art piece by Maria Puenchir and a brand new wyvern cover by Fleeks.)

We’re booth 29 on the right. If you stop by, be sure to let Glenn know if you think gryphons or dragons are cooler.