Opinicus is out now!

“The king’s talons are around your throat, and what you really need is someone who can bite them off at the wrist…”

Just when victory seemed inevitable for the Seraph King, his forces withdrew to the far reaches of the continent. Now the seas are full of treacherous flamingos, the poison reeve’s assassins stalk the desert, and the armies of the Golden Sky hunt gryphons across the air.

Yet not all is lost. The mysterious, black-eyed cave pride has agreed to guide Zeph through the deep places of the continent, into eyries and dens forgotten by time, to reach the Seraph King before his evil plan comes to fruition.

The hope of the continent weighs heavily upon the wings of one small forest gryphon.

Opinicus is a full-length creature fantasy novel full of subterranean cave gryphons, epic gryphon battles, and a lone rancher attempting to collect a late fee on a rental bird.

Buy Opinicus today or be lost to wander the hidden depths of the Abyssal Naze for all time!