Blue Eyes is available now in paperback and hardcover in addition to ebook!

On the shortest night of the year, blue eyes pierce the snowstorm.

The elusive gryphons of the frozen taiga are beautiful, mysterious, and nearly extinct. As the days grow short and danger lurks around every corner, their eyes turn a bright blue. This short story collection set in the world of Eyrie follows several famous taiga gryphons during their most trying times.


  • “Blue Eyes,” a lesbian beak-cute gryphon love story full of terror birds starring Satra and Mignet. It takes place around three years before Eyrie.
  • “Connixation,” one small taiga gryphon against the end of the world. When volcanic ash turns to apocalyptic blizzard, it’s up to Tielle to try to save her pride. Set around a hundred years before Eyrie.
  • “Silver Eyes.” When a taiga scout goes missing and a new infect begins to spread, it’s up to Deracho and Thenca to find their lost friend before it’s too late. Set between Starling and Reevesbane.
  • “Blue-eyed Festival.” The capstone story ties together the previous three, bringing Younce, Satra, Zeph, Thenca, and Deracho together for the Blue-eyed Holiday. Set between Starling and Reevesbane.
  • “Snow & Light.” A very sappy author’s note full of confessions, blizzards, and ice.