A rot has taken root in the heart of the murmuration…

Two years ago, a team of desperate heroes banded together to try to unleash the might of the starling swarm upon their enemies, only to fail. The starlings have retreated to their mysterious home, no longer willing to interact with outsiders.

But all is not well in the Emerald Jungle. Bloodbeak ravages the young. Former friends, their minds now lost to the parasite, roam the border with silver eyes. Opinicus traitors masquerading as starlings conduct fel experiments on the unwary. Strange sounds come from the caves along the border with the Abyssal Naze. And a monster stalks the flooded jungle.

For Nighteyes, hope and despair are intertwined in a single fledgling who has survived bloodbeak but may yet die to to the machinations of the pridelord.

Pridelord is the novel fans have been waiting for ever since Starling released in 2019. Preorder it now to protect yourself from the silver-eyed infected!