An advert showing the words "Goliath Bird Sized Audiobook Sale!!!" with a picture of a goliath bird towering over it and the words "Oh my BIRD" next to the creature. Then there's the cover for the Gryphon Insurrection Boxed Set One, books 1 to 3, Eyrie, Ashen Weald, and Starling. The cover is a Cooper's hawk brown gryphon leaping through a redwood forest with a kakapo or ground parrot hiding in the background. Next to it is the audio cover for Gryphon Insurrection Boxed Set Two: Books 4 to 6, Reevesbane, The Ruins of Crestfall, and The Crackling Sea. The art shows a hooded pitohui gryphon in tattered restraints stalking a burned down forest with giant monitor lizards. Pitohui look a little like crowns with yellow or orange coloration marking them as poisonous birds. Below that it says 75% off, three books for just $9.99. Fly to get yours now:

For a limited time only, all GryphIns audiobook boxed sets are just $9.99. That’s three full audiobooks per boxed set, or $3.33/book. (Apple Books discounted them even further to $7.99, wow!)

Gryphon Insurrection Boxed Set One: Eyrie, Ashen Weald, Starling ($39.99 $9.99)
On sale at: Apple, Barnes & Noble, Chirp, Google Play, and Spotify!

Gryphon Insurrection Boxed Set Two: Reevesbane, The Ruins of Crestfall, The Crackling Sea ($39.99 $9.99)
On sale at: Apple, Barnes & Noble, Chirp, Google Play, and Spotify!

But wait, that’s not all! An ebook boxed set of Eyrie, Ashen Weald, Starling, and Blue Eyes & Other Tales is available in a bundle to help the Furry Writer’s Guild. (There’s a lot of gryphons & dragons in anthropomorphic literature, and it’s a great chance to help them out! The proceeds go to the Furry Writer’s Guild plus the authors involved.) It also includes Tales of Feathers & Flames, stories set in the world of Dire. That set has a full scary gryphon novel by me, Coldbright, about a snarky small opinicus and his dire ex-boyfriend gryphon trying to solve a mystery in a misty valley buried under a snowstorm. Saylor Ferguson’s Dragons of Time is also in the bundle, and Tales of Feathers & Flames includes her beak-cute lesbian love story. There’s a lot to love in the bundle.

FWG Bundle: