The Ruins of Crestfall, book five of the Gryphon Insurrection, is now available everywhere! Pick it up at your favorite bookstore or request it from your local library. 2020 has been a hard year, so it’s time for some happy sand gryphons. Back cover copy below, so if you haven’t read the other books and want to avoid spoilers, stop reading here.

Something haunts the desert, something that was once an opinicus.

Cherine—scholar, adventurer, metal-beak, and popular kidnapping victim. While his old mate and friends fight for his amnesty, he lives out his exile in the aneda forest. When Zeph and Kia approach him about hunting down the infamous Nighthaunt, he’s all too happy to leave his hovel behind.

Little do they know that the key to finding the most dangerous criminal the world has ever known lies in the abandoned eyrie of Crestfall. Long silent, something lurks in the shadows of the city, and its homes may not be as abandoned as once believed.

Will Cherine and his friends unravel the mystery of the desert eyrie in time, or will they become the hunted?

The Ruins of Crestfall is a full-length creature fantasy novel full of fan-favorite characters, desert monsters, fancy opinicus armor, and charming sand gryphons.

But wait, there’s more! The best part of every book launch is the Telegram stickers. You can pick up Hoppy and Sponge’s Sand Gryphon Attack Pack (by the wonderful @StupidShepherd) for free here: