Over the last year, I’ve had a lot of people reach out and ask for two things: a poster of the map and physical stickers of the Telegram stickers. Well, I have good news for both of those emailers: wish granted! I’ve held off for so long because I haven’t had the time and energy to handle orders myself, but thanks to RedBubble, I don’t need to. They can take care of everything for me. I may still do my own stickers for conventions, but for now, you don’t need to wait.

You can find it here: kvalenagle.redbubble.com!

Included in the stickers are Kittrel’s chapter heading designs, Kittrel’s chibi hearts, and Shepherd’s Zeph, Younce, Ninox, and Sand Gryphon stickers. It’s not just stickers, though. Shephard created three brand new masks for the store: Hatzel (saberbeak), Younce (taiga gryphon), and Pink Sparkle Younce!

The masks come in several sizes and two versions. The fitted masks have an adjustable nose bar to make them easier to wear with glasses, along with a slider on the straps.

In addition, there’s a poster for the map and covers. Yay!

If there’s anything else you’d like to see, feel free to reach out with the contact form or on social media and let me know. Mostly, I wanted everyone who requested physical stickers to know I hear them loud and clear, and the masks were a fun bonus. But if you enjoy the RedBubble masks and want to weigh in on another design, go for it. Would a Soft Paws or Tresh/Sharkbeak design make you happy? Let me know!

Also, while it’s a bit late for this, you can quickly combine a pair of Costume Shop cat ears with the mask to get a makeshift Halloween costume. Yay!