If you’re at DenFur this weekend, come say hello! Glenn Birmingham and Jean Kidd are handling the STET Publishing table, and they’re selling my gryphon books, Glenn’s dragon books, John Bailey’s Dire, t-shirts, stickers, bookmarks, and more!

They’ll even have the very popular flash drives in the shape of wooden books with a gryphon logo on them that contain:
-Audiobook editions of Eyrie, Ashen Weald, Starling, Blue Eyes & Other Tales, Reevesbane, The Ruins of Crestfall (great for listening to on your way home from the convention, Reevesbane and Crestfall aren’t available in stores yet on audio)
-Ebook editions of GryphIns 1-7 (+Blue Eyes), Dragon Source, Dragon Bound, Dire, and Tales of Feathers & Flames (not yet available in stores)
-The map of Belamuria for anyone who wanted to take a close look at it

There’s also smaller clip flash drives that have just the ebooks.

I’m not quite well enough to attend the local cons yet, but hopefully next year. I spent this month doing health things so I can get a higher level of treatment as we narrow in on the right dose. In the mean time, I appreciate Glenn and Jean selling my books alongside their own =] Tell them hello if you’re at the convention.