Are you getting tired of seeing my kitchen in these?

For everyone waiting to see what the different editions of Starling look like before you purchased, I’ve got you covered! Starling looks a little thicker than it is because there’s a detailed character list at the end.

All four editions. I was really excited that the Amazon paperback’s cover looks perfect this time. Yay!
Large print on the left, dust jacket hardcover on the right.
The large print (left) is 280 pages thicker than the dust jacket hardcover (right).
The Amazon (left) and everyone else (right) versions of the paperback. They’re close this time! The main difference is that the inner margin is kinder in the Amazon version for people who prefer that kind of thing.
The Amazon paperback (left) uses thicker paper than the normal trade paperback (right).

And there we go =] As always, for your convenience, here are the ISBNs if your local bookstore isn’t carrying Starling and you want them to special order it.

  • Trade Paperback: 978-1-64392-021-4
  • Ebook (Kindle): 978-1-64392-020-7
  • Dust Jacket Hardcover: 978-1-64392-022-1
  • Large Print Hardcover With the Cover Printed Directly on the Book: 978-1-64392-023-8