As I was getting ready to take pictures of the different Starling editions I realized I hadn’t posted pictures of the Ashen Weald editions, so I got a few pictures taken. The paperback through Amazon has a slightly lower quality cover than the other bookstores get just because of what printer handles what orders. So if you want the highest quality paperback, you’ll have to go through Barnes ‘n Noble or someone else.

The large print edition (left) with the cover printed onto the book and the normal dust jacket hardcover (right).
The thick large print edition (left) and the dust jacket hardcover (right) with Younce on top.
The Amazon version of the paperback (left) versus the trade paperback everyone else gets (right).
The Amazon paperback (left) is thicker than the trade paperback everyone else gets (right).
Last, but not least, all the editions lying down.

Sorry about the delay =] I know some people are really excited to see the different editions! I know having Amazon with its own edition is a little strange, but it helps keep the costs down there. That’s why Eyrie’s paperback is sometimes as low as $9.99 through Amazon versus $15.99 elsewhere.

Oh, if you’re looking to special order a specific version from your local bookstore, it can be helpful to know the ISBN.

  • Trade Paperback: 978-1-64392-011-5
  • Ebook (currently Kindle only): 978-1-64392-010-8
  • Hardcover (with dust jacket): 978-1-64392-012-2
  • Large Print (hardcover with cover printed directly on the book): 978-1-64392-013-9