How’s that for a short story cover? Fleeks did a great job with the artwork! I’m releasing a series of short stories to my Patreon and my newsletter. The first one just went out, but they’ll all be available even if you sign up later. Once they’ve all been released sometime in December, I’ll combine them into a book and make it available on the usual stores and formats.

So if you love taiga gryphons and need something to tide you over until Book 4, consider joining my mailing list to get them for free =] The first story is about Satra and Mignet and doesn’t have any spoilers for Ashen Weald or Starling.

And if short stories aren’t your thing, no worries! They won’t be required reading, and I’m 40,000 words into Reevesbane. It should be out this year if nothing goes wrong health-wise.