If you’re at AWU this weekend in Utah, feel free to swing by the STET Publishing booth and say hello to my spouse, Glenn! He has copies of my gryphon books, his dragon books, John Bailey’s Dire, Fleeks’ gryphon pride t-shirts with Cielle on the front, bookmarks, and more!

At past conventions, a few people asked for the ability to buy the audiobooks and ebooks on a flash drive or with a code, and we have both. (If you get the audiobooks, they even come in a wooden USB drive in the shape of a book with a gryphon on the front.)

I’m looking forward to attending some local conventions as it gets safer, hopefully later in the year. Being immunocompromised makes it tough for me to attend conventions, but Glenn has been nice enough to handle both of our books when he attends them. And here’s where you can find him: