Opinicus, the seventh GryphIns book, releases on July 1st! Oh my gosh, that’s not even a month away!

The ebook preorder is up in most stores, and you can use this books2 read link to check most of them: books2read.com/opinicus (a few stores may be a little slow). The hardcover and paperback editions should release at the same time. We’re still catching up on the audiobooks, so Starling should release next month and Blue Eyes soon after. While it’s my hope that Pridelord (GryphIns #8) will see the audiobook release at the same time as the main series, we’ll have to see how long the audio productive takes. James and the audio team is catching up fast, though!

You’d think release day would be the busiest, but there are a lot of final little checks and fixes that happen a few weeks ahead of time, so I’ve been re-reading Opinicus for the tenth time to see if any typos slipped past me or the editors, and I’ve been getting all of the Kindle X-ray articles typed up. I thought I’d be smart and type them all up in Scrivener and then copy and paste them over to Amazon this time.

In the mean time, I thought it was time to do an art share! I’ve had a lot of fan art come in this year, and that’s made me happy. 2022 wasn’t as crazy as the two years before it, but I’ve been continuing on these intense autoimmune treatments, so I’m spending about two days a week getting stabbed with needles and pumped full of healthy antibodies that don’t try to kill me in order to trick my immune system into calming down a bit. All of the fan art has made the needles easier to bear. And now, I share it with everyone else!

First off, Lewis Badger deserves an award for sending in the most fan art. Here’s a taste of some of what Lewis has shared (Xavi+Pink Paw, Younce, Ninox, Triddle, Askel).

Golday41 on DeviantArt has new Hatzel artwork showing her facing off against the monitor lizard from Eyrie.

And then Katie Schultz sent in this amazing Rybalt Reevesbane piece. I tend to put up fan art of characters while I’m writing or editing their scenes, so I’ve had Rybalt and Stripes on the brain recently.

Now it’s time to get back to filling out all of those Kindle X-ray entries. I’ll share more fan art as we get closer to release day. I hope everyone is doing well. I can’t wait until everyone gets to read Opinicus.