The cover of Crackling Sea by K. Vale Nagle, featuring a great blue heron opinicus flying past cliffs overlooking a story sea.

The much-anticipated sixth Gryphon Insurrection book is now available! Sea monsters swim through luminescent waters, armies march south upon the unsuspecting Ashen Weald, Tresh’s investigating into a lost fishing village sends her careening into Younce, and Blinky the owl gryphon hides a secret in the sunken eyrie.

Every character who was a part of (or wronged by) the Crackling Sea Eyrie makes an appearance, along with a few new faces. And because everyone wants to find out what gryphons may show up, here’s a taste:
-Andean mountain cat gryphons
-Flamingo opinici (they’re not happy about Crestfall)
-Ivory-billed woodpecker opinici
-Royal spoonbill opinici
-Canada lynx + grey owl gryphons

Just to name a few!

If you have friends who like gryphons that you’ve been wanting to get into the series, Eyrie‘s ebook is free this month in the US and UK as part of the Hello Books fantasy promotion (and ~99 cents everywhere else). You can see what Hello Books is doing here:

And if they’re more of an audiobook listener than an ebook reader, Eyrie is now available on Audible and anywhere audiobooks are sold (plus libraries)!

I sometimes get asked about the best store for supporting authors, and the answer is always whichever one works best for you, the reader/listener. But since I get asked this often enough, I thought I’d mention that Authors Direct gives most of the earnings directly to the author.

Narrator James Scott Spaid did a great job on Eyrie, and he’s hard at work on Ashen Weald as we speak. I know a lot of gryphon fans have been asking for audiobooks for years now, and I’m so glad to see my series in audio.

With Crackling Sea out in the wild, I’m taking a week off, then I’ll be back to do the final checks on Opinicus (#7) and get started writing Pridelord (#8). In the mean time, I think I’ll curl up on the couch with my spouse and a cat, catch up on my reading, and watch the snow fall.