Happy Valentine’s Day! Okay, I’m a little early. But if you have gryphon fans in your life that you need to get cards for, Crystal Gafford and I have you covered. Crystal’s dedication to cute gryphons is well-documented, and she turned all of the couples from the Gryphon Insurrection (GryphIns) series into Valentine’s Day cards you can share with your loved ones.

I added them to the Goodies page, or you can click on the images below to go to the full resolution PNG version for printing. Also, in honor of all of the people shipping Tresh and Rorin, we added a card for those two =] Your fanfiction writing efforts are appreciated.

Who’s your favorite couple (canon or non-canon)? So far, the responses I’m getting from my newsletter suggest that Henders/Foultner, Zeph/Kia, and Zeph/Hatzel are the top three. Feel free to use the contact form to let me know, and I’ll write you back on what I think that relationship would look like!

Tresh and Younce
Satra and Mignet
Pink Paw and Xavi
Ninox and Cherine
Deracho and Thenca
Askel and Triddle
Tresh and Rorin for the shippers out there