Long ago, when I wasn’t yet a gryphon author, back when I was just a gryphlet author, Jeff Brown and I talked about making a series map for the Gryphon Insurrection. Jeff, cover artist for books one through seven, usually makes maps for board games, tabletop gaming, and video games. He said he doesn’t do small maps, but he promised that if I could fill a continent, he’d provide an epic map.

Well, it took five written books, a short story collection, and an outline for the sixth, but I could finally fill in every part of the continent, and Jeff got me my map. Since Reevesbane isn’t out yet, you won’t have to wait for book six to see the map. It’ll be included with book four. Or, heck, why wait? You can click the map below to see the zoomed in version!

Speaking of Reevesbane, I have a proof copy here and it’s getting its final editing touches taken care of. My usual editor had more heart trouble, so I have a new editor I’m excited to work with. It should be out soon, however, and she’ll be doing the copy edits on Crestfall right after Reevesbane since both novels are complete.

Meanwhile, I’m writing book six, Opinicus. While editing health troubles have slowed down the publishing schedule, they haven’t kept me from writing, and now the new editor is playing catch up.

Okay, back to writing for me. It’s been weird working on book six while readers are waiting for book four, but you’ll catch up to me soon =] Right now, the series arc should wrap up with book seven. So we’re in it for at least that many!