November’s newsletter short story has been sent out and it’s….. Connixation! For anyone who’s read at least Ashen Weald, that should be an ominous title. While the other short stories have been set within a few years of Eyrie, this is the first short story that goes all the way back to a time when the taiga ‘pride’ was actually dozens of prides which stretched from Sandpiper’s Dune all the way up the continent to the northern coast. It’s one small Williwaw gryphon against the end of the world.

The term “connixation” is a fun word. Imagine con-flagr-ation with the word for fire replaced with the Latin for snow, ‘nix,’ and you have the ultimate blizzard. I could go on a little, but I don’t want to spoil anything in the story. If you aren’t a newsletter subscriber, you can sign up and the first email should have a link to download all the free stories. And Patrons of any level have access, too.

Next month, we’ll wrap up the Blue Eyes series of short stories with a Blue-eyed Festival tale involving Younce. If all you wanted for December was a Gryphmas story, I’ve got you covered. You didn’t think I’d do an entire series of taiga gryphon stories and forget about Younce, did you?

On the writing front, Reevesbane is still coming along nicely. I have a dragon rancher story out on submission that I hope will get published after the Gryphon Insurrection is finishing up. Jeff Brown just sent me an amazing new gryphon cover, probably my favorite so far. And one or two secret projects should hit the point where I can talk about them.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers =] Be on the lookout for the tastiest of gryphs, the ham-turkey hippogryph.

Disclaimer: Do not eat gryphons.