A book shelf with the hardcover editions of Eyrie, Ashen Weald, and Starling face-out to show off the covers. To the right is a stuffed animal ground parrot.
Rachel Neumeier of Griffin Mage Trilogy fame convinced me that I should put my own books face-out on my bookshelf. The ground parrot is a garnish.

Just one more day! It’s exciting. Starling was finalized awhile back, but about two weeks ago, I reread it. All authors secretly worry that a book isn’t as good as they think it is. There’s something about the months of editing that puts you in that frame of mind. But when I read through Starling one last time before release, I enjoyed it even more than when I wrote the first draft. I hope everyone else enjoys it just as much.

A few people have reached out to say they found having links to the different editions to be helpful, so here you go! I even included the ISBNs to help people ordering from local bookstores.

And for anyone who wants to order a signed copy directly through me, I should have my author copies soon. They’re on the way, but mail takes awhile to reach us out here. Just use the contact form to reach out, and I’ll make sure to hang onto one for you. Don’t forget to let me know what version you’re interested in.

It’s crazy to think we’re already three books into the Gryphon Insurrection. I’m hard at work on book four, Reevesbane, but I’ll post a blog about what’s coming next once everyone has had time to enjoy Starling. Speaking of which, if you read and like Starling, don’t hesitate to let me know =]