Eyrie is in SFWA’s Fantastic Beasts Bundle with a lot of other exciting books from now until June 18th. If you’re looking for books with gryphons, werewolves, shark selkies, or dragons, you can find them all on Story Bundle!

I’m having a great time reading through all of the other authors in the bundle with me. Here’s a few I’ve read and loved.

Windsworn by Derek Siddoway is gryphon riders in a setting full of arcanepunk golems and saber cat riders. His pacing and sense of adventure are always top notch.

Whalemoon by Dustin Porta is a nautical adventure, but I was hooked (er, drawn in? I need help finding a non-nautical pun to put here) the moment shark selkies showed up. He uses sea shanties at the start of his chapters which are delightful. I especially like the sea gnomes riding flying fish into battle against sea gulls.

And most of my family has been reading Lindsay Buroker dragon books all pandemic to stay sane, so big shout out to her.

I’m still reading through the rest. Ben Galley I already know because of his beautiful teal gryphon cover for another of his series. And Richard Parry’s werewolf covers always catch my eye. I don’t know if it’s spoilery, but the cover of the third Night’s Champion book has always made me want to read that series, and now I’m getting my chance.

The rest are all great authors I’m enjoying for the first time, but I’m honored to be in the story bundle with them. So if you’re looking for some new fantastic beast books to read, check it out!