The large print edition is now available. Nothing makes me happier. Even though the larger font and friendlier formatting adds a hundred pages, it has the same retail price as the dust jacket hardcovers. Wherever possible, I don’t want people to have to pay more for accessibility.

While you can click the link above to purchase it or give a bookstore the ISBN 978-1643920054 to have them order it, I thought I’d put together a couple of screen shots in case you’re interested in looking for large print editions of your other books. I actually missed that the large print edition for Eyrie was on sale because on Amazon, it’s hard to find.

If you look under the series link and above the main editions, you’ll see a link to “See all 4 formats and editions.” Click that and it’ll bring up a screen like the following:

Now, click the arrow next to Hardcover and it’ll show both editions.

And there you go! If you’re not sure if you’re on the right page after clicking it, look for the words “large print edition” on the cover.

While the large print edition is great for accessibility, I’ve had a few readers reach out and say they love hardcovers and hate dust jackets. The large print edition has the cover printed right on the book (“case laminate”). You can see a comparison of both of them below.

That’s it for today’s update. Eyrie launches in three days, and I’m still preparing myself for the launch. It’s hard not to be nervous!

Thank you to everyone who reached out and wanted a signed copy. I’ll have those out just as soon as the books arrive here. I appreciate your support and interest.

You may also notice the series page has two entries. I went ahead and put Ashen Weald up for a long preorder. It’s finished and going through proofreading now, so it should be out much sooner than that. While I can’t promise that you’ll see a new gryphon book every month for the entire series, I’ve been working hard for the last year so the first three books will be out quickly. I know there’s nothing that worries me more than seeing a book 1 without any sequels. I took care of that by waiting until I’d sent the third off to my editor before they started publishing.