Remember those adorable Younce plushies from last year? Well, it’s time for the first giveaway! In honor of reaching the halfway point in the Gryphon Insurrection series, this Twitter giveaway includes the following:

  • A signed hardcover of Eyrie
  • A signed hardcover of Ashen Weald
  • A signed hardcover of Starling
  • A signed hardcover of Blue Eyes & Other Tales
  • A Younce (gyrfalcon+snow leopard gryphon) plushie made by Rezzit
  • Your choice of a Brenda Lyons signed art print of any interior art piece in the series!

Wow! How amazing is that?! I’m pretty excited about reaching the halfway point, and I’m happy to share my excitement with all of my readers! If you miss out on this giveaway and are really hoping for one of the Younce plushies, I’ll be doing one more giveaway at the end of the series, too, so you’ll have one more chance.

So go on, enter the giveaway on Twitter! Tell a friend! Read gryphon books!

PS – If you’re new to the series and are curious about Brenda Lyons’ interior art, she just showcased two of the pieces from Eyrie on her own twitter, a saber-toothed tiger gryphon named Hatzel and an emerald peafowl opinicus named Brevin. Check’em out =]