Masks/Physical Stickers/Posters/T-shirts

All of these can be found at the RedBubble store:

Valentine’s Day Cards

Tresh and Younce
Satra and Mignet
Pink Paw and Xavi
Ninox and Cherine
Deracho and Thenca
Askel and Triddle
Tresh and Rorin (for all of you fanfic shippers out there).
Henders and Foultner

Telegram stickers

You can add all of the stickers here in addition to the Kasey Snow scream gryphons and the Kittrel chibi gryphon hearts via the Eyrie Mega Pack, created by popular demand. It’s available here:

Zeph Parrotbane

Everyone loves Zeph, the protagonist of Eyrie. If you’d like to use Zeph when chatting with your friends and loved ones on Telegram, you can use the link below. Includes beta reader favorites such as “Salted Fish bar. So good. So salty.” A variant of the scream_cat emoji with a gryphon. Parrot hunting. An homage to the French, who love putting hats and laser tails on all their gryphon novel covers. Zeph hanging upside down. Keeping your beak warm while you sleep. And the last sticker includes a cameo by friendly rival Younce.  Stickers created by @StupidShepherd and available on Telegram:

Younce of Snowfall

Younce isn’t just the famous gourd thief, he’s also the grumpiest, fluffiest gryphon ever to fly down from the frozen taiga to heckle Zeph. In true gyrfalcon/snow leopard fashion, includes the infamous tail-homph pose. Hearts. Chasing the floofy tail. Grumpy Younce. Why-did-I-eat-this? upchuck Younce. Can’t Roar Younce. Friendly, bright-eyed Younce. FLOOF! Pink, sparkly Younce. And a surprise cameo by Zeph’s tail! The stickers were created by @StupidShepherd and will be available on Telegram when Ashen Weald releases.

Ninox of the Strix

You can add specifically just the Ninox stickers to your Telegram app by clicking: .

Hoppy and Sponge

You can add Hoppy and Sponge’s Sand Gryphon Attack Pack to your Telegram app by clicking: .

Turresh the Shark

Tresh stickers by Fleeks! You can add ‘ole Sharkbeak to your Telegram app by clicking: