Starling is the third book in the Gryphon Insurrection series. It releases August 2nd, 2019. It’s available for preorder now!

Lost eyrie ruins, a horde of rabid starlings, and a sinister discovery at a lost dig site.

Tresh is an aquatic gryphon on a mission. She watched her home burn and the last of her family disappear into the bog. Now she’ll do anything to join an elite rescue team searching for survivors. A rescue team led by the same gryphon who killed her nieces and nephews.

An owl that blinks.

A medicine gryphon with a mane.

A goofy guardsman.

When new allies and old foes join forces to delve into the secrets of the bog, will they find their missing loved ones, or is something more sinister than starlings lurking in the abandoned eyrie ruins?

Starling is a full-length creature fantasy novel with gryphons, monsters, terrible secrets, and Blinky the Owl Gryphon.